Join the Dynamic iWAM Team

If you are a HR, OD or NLP Consultant we offer you the keys to:

Join a dynamic team of Professionals
Who support each other to succeed
- Who are experiencing unparalleled results with their clients

To join a select team
Who are `distinguished’ in a crowded market for their unique skills and methods
- Who have dramatically increased their consulting incomes and have begun to experience the joy of passive income flow


  1. We do this by offering World class certification trainings in the revolutionary and highly reliable iWAM instrument.

    `You will become highly skilled in knowing how to tap into and impact the two most powerful psychological drivers known to man… Motivation and Attitude’ (Howard Tinker, Marketing guru and iWAM based Consultant)

  2. We support the iWAM team by providing marketing materials, market understanding and training, ongoing coaching and support in the field to ensure your consulting business `takes off’

  3. We offer the iWAM team the facility to purchase iWAM reports at wholesale rates

    This allows the iWAM Practitioner to purchase iWAM credits at wholesale rate and to then re-sell at the retail rate, producing a passive income for the Practitioner. Volume discounts are also available to certified iWAM practitioners, which significantly increases the profit margin when onselling the tool.

    iWAM certified Practitioners may set up a Closed User Group which allows instant access to and production of all iWAM reports, including Team Reports, Model of Excellence comparison reports and Profile Ranking reports.

  4. We offer Advanced Consulting skills training to the iWAM Team

    This is a world first Consultant training in both Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies for OD and NLP Consultants (read more- link to Certification- modelling workshops).

    We train you in simple to understand, measurable methods for pinpointing the ways of thinking, believing, valuing, strategising and acting that leads to excellent performance in specific roles at work.

    We train Consultants in how to competently elicit this information and make a map of excellence that can be translated to specific training, coaching, recruiting, succession planning and performance appraisal programs. This not only unifies all HR processes with the keys to excellent performance but allows all team members to raise their understanding and strategies for excellence.

We also train Consultants to understand and work with (very easy) statistical information in mapping excellence. Although Consultants themselves are not involved in statistical analyses, they are trained in how to present this information to clients. Having truly quantifiable data on performance is very reassuring and appropriate to high end clients and will raise your consulting abilities and fees to a new level.

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“Since becoming part of the iWAM community in Australia, my business has never been the same. I have strengthened my business proposition, my networks, my knowledge, and my confidence to deliver sustainable and compelling behaviour change, knowing I have the support of a rigorously tested and validated quantitative measurement tool…..
Anneli Blundell, B.Bus, NLP Practitioner, Managing Director, Beyond Coaching, Victoria

“it’s not just a’s walking into a community”
Peter Price NLP consultant and trainer, Victoria

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