Modelling Excellence

EQ at Work, in association with a select and highly trained team of professionals, is available for Specialist Corporate Consulting projects throughout Australasia.

iWAM is being used across 65 Companies in Australia and New Zealand in the following work areas:

  • Performance building, individuals and teams

  • Modelling top and low performers to identify the critical motivations of top performers

  • Management Effectiveness- understanding team members and how to motivate and best utilise their talents

  • Selecting job candidates that fit desired motivations in a role

  • Team building and alignment

  • Conflict resolution between team members/staff

  • Analysis of the culture of a Company (including culture change interventions)

  • Executive Coaching

  • Career transition- identifying what is most natural to an individual in work types

  • Succession Planning Programs- identifying desired motivations for the role and evaluating and coaching aspirants to the required level
  • Outplacement coaching

The signature methodology of EQ at Work and the iWAM Consulting Team is a proprietary process called Modelling and Replicating excellent performance, to dramatically and measurably increase the performance of individuals and teams

Building Models of Excellence in an Organisation

A Model of Excellence is a tool that provides the answers the critical management questions:

  • “What differentiates our top performers from their lower performing peers?”
  • “How can we improve the overall performance of a certain role in our Organisation?”

You create a Model of Excellence by comparing your organization’s high performers in a given role with a comparable group of peers who do not perform as well.

The Model is a product of:

  1. Statistically identifying the specific attitudes and motivational patterns that differentiate high performers from others in their role
  2. Determining to what extent high performers are different from the lower performers in the role
  3. Providing a computer-based software which assesses others’ “fit” to the Model of Excellence

The basic methodology for building a Model of Excellence

(Click here to view the basic methodology for building a model of excellence)

Modelling and Replicating Expertise is a scientific process that involves profiling, and statistically analyzing the differences between the highest and lowest performers in a specific role. The top performers are then also interviewed and their specific values, ways of thinking, beliefs, competencies, strategies and actions mapped.

(An example of the contrastive analysis of one of the 48 iWAM thinking styles Breadth or Big Picture thinking)

A comprehensive Model of what constitutes high performance in the role can then be created as a template for recruiting, performance appraisal and for coaching and training others to the same standard of excellence

Click here for a detailed description of how iWAM and a Model of Excellence can integrate the HR system and significantly reduce recruiting, training and coaching budget.

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