Sample iWAM Reports

iWAM Reports are available in 4 Categories: Uses

Individual Reports

Attitude Sorter Wheel (one page graph)
Prioritises highest and lowest motivations at work
- Coaching
Personal Graph (one page graph)
Graphical trace of patterns against standard group of Australia, with language describing each pattern
- Coaching
Communication Report
Motivating language and De-motivating language
- Coaching
Management Report
Detailed understanding of the individual at work against many measures
- Personal insight
- Career transition
Meta Report
All iWAM reports compiled as one report

Paired Reports

Thinking styles for 2 individuals:
Paired Comparison Report
- Conflict Resolution
Coaching Report for the individuals available - Partnership

Team Reports

Team Graph
Compares 2 to 10 individuals
- Team building
Team Report (with a model of excellence)
Compares from 2 individuals to 5,000 individuals with or without a model of excellence
- Selection
- Team training

Comparison to a Model Report

Comparing an individual to the model of excellence patterns
Critical patterns assessed against individual’s iWAM results for those patterns
- Coaching
- Selection
- Succession Planning
Profile Ranking Report
Candidates/ team compared in order of `fit” to the critical thinking styles of the Model
- Selection
- Succession Planning

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