Ian Melville
Operations Manager EQ at Work Australasia

  • B. Eng (Civil), B.Bus. (Organsitional Behaviour)
  • Dip. Ed., Cert. Master Practitioner NLP,
  • iWAM & MBTI accredited

Ian’s background includes wide practical experience in Civil Engineering and Senior Executive Leadership within the NSW Public Sector. During the past 12 years he has worked as an independent Management Consultant within large public Organisations.

As Operations Manager, Ian is responsible for overall Management and Administration of EQ at Work Australasia. Since joining the Team in 2001, Ian has gained accreditation in Neuro Linguistics, Myers Briggs and the IWAM instrument.

Ian’s area of expertise include the structure and behaviour of Organizations, the interaction of personalities, improving performance through recognition of personality traits and Recruitment and Pre-employment testing. Ian utilizes these skills as an active Consultant in Cultural Analysis and Modelling Excellence Projects, and Certification Programs of the iWAM instrument.
Ian is well known for his emotional intelligence and humour and his down to earth approach to solving problems.