Peter Price

Peter has more than 30 years experience learning about new technology and complex systems in the field of applied science. A Bachelors Degree in Applied Science and study in the electronics and computer science areas led to expertise in computer hardware and software. Peter has developed modeling systems using computer control and data analysis.

Peter’s leadership and people skills were enhanced while negotiating the introduction of personal computers to the laboratory, the office and the installation of the first computer networks. These negotiating and people skills were useful in developing service level agreements and in assisting staff to understand their obligations in relation to performance agreements. An understanding of motivation allowed him to successfully coordinate some challenging projects including the relocation of people and scientific equipment to new facilities.

Peter’s early experience with psychological models was disappointing and yet his interest in practical psychology led to exploration of meta-program motivational models in the field of NLP and Neuro-semantics. As a trained scientist he brings a thorough understanding of modeling theory and practice to Human Behavioral Psychology.

Qualifications as a registered iWAM Practitioner with certifications as a NLP-Neuro-semantics Trainer, Meta-Coach, Toastmaster, Laughter Yoga Leader, TQ (Time Quotient) Master, and membership of the International Coach Federation and Meta-Coach Foundation together with his own Mission workshop provide an outstanding and comprehensive understanding of motivational factors.

Peter is said to be inspiring, dedicated, genuine....and funny. Peter founded Follow Your Star as an International Training Organization to help people and organizations achieve their potential.

Peter Price
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