Susan Davie

Degrees and Accreditations earned:
  • iWAM (inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation)
  • Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Cultural Transformation Tools
  • Genos Emotional Intelligence
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Human Synergistics LSI/GSI
  • Fierce Conversations®
  • Institute of Executive Coaching (Level I)
  • Spiral Dynamics (Clare Graves Value Sets)

Industry Experience Includes:
  • Energy, Financial, Government, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Publishing, Retirement Living, Superannuation, Telecommunications and Utilities, Contact Centres.
  • Leadership
  • Sales (Products and Services)
  • Customer Service

New Choices, as a consultative training and facilitation partner, is dedicated to helping people shine - in role competencies and in life skills as well. Whether the required focus is on specific needs analysis, customised facilitation/training or individual interventions, New Choices is able to work with all levels – from leadership to customer interaction staff. Susan Davie is Principal Design and Delivery Consultant and combines an eclectic professional background of nearly 20 years of sales and management experience with over 10 years coaching and counselling of business professionals. Upon Susan’s arrival in Australia from the US in 1998, she held the role of Senior Consultant with international training organisations. In creating New Choices in January 2005, Susan continues to blend her business and people development experience in sales, sales management, customer service, effective communication skills, training facilitation and coaching in a powerful and personable style. Susan lives her passion for creating a positive impact in the lives of those she works with.